In "L'Instant Culture" program, LCI French TV channel highlighted the route of the Impressionists. Cradle of this art movement, La Ferme Saint Siméon naturally integrated this beautiful report, with Giverny and Claude Monet.

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Live music for the Impressionist-dinner, in partnership with Uptown Jazz Trio

During the festival "Normandy Impressionist", la Ferme Saint Siméon***** and the Norman group "Uptown Jazz Trio", unfold for the first time a "Dinner and Impressionist music". Our chef Matthieu Pouleur takes you from your ear to your meal with Erik Satie's best pieces, arranged by three jazzmen, Claude monet's vibrant paintings or his favourite recipes.

A musical delight, on last Sunday 26th July.

7 course menu, 145 euros per person (excluding drinks)

Non-resident guests are welcome.

More information : +33 2 31 81 78 00 or contact@fermesaintsimeon.fr

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