Fall gourmet calendar

Generous by nature, Normandy offers a large selection of gourmet products in any season. During one month, our Chef Sébastien Faramond puts the spotlight on five local products. Ceps, scallops, duck from Rouen, veal and black truffles are all delightful invitations to discover new recipes. For a lunch, a dinner or a stay, choose one of our four delicious weekends* :

From October, Friday 12th to Sunday 14th : ceps

From October, Friday 19th to Sunday 21st : scallops

From October, Friday 26th to Sunday 28th : veal from the Mont Saint Michel bay

From November, Friday 9th to Sunday 11th : duck from Rouen

*In limited quantities. Local products will be available from the dinner on Friday to the dinner on Sunday, in our gastronomic restaurant.

Let's savour it through the "Culinary Experience" package including 2 nights in a double room, buffet breakfast, a lunch in our Bistro La Boucane, a dinner in our gastronomic restaurant, complimentary access to the indoor swimming pool, sauna, hammam, jacuzzi and fitness center (from 908 €).

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Hotel La Ferme Saint Simeon - Detalles

(Re)discover the musical Sundays

Desde las 4 pm del domingo 7 de octubre, 4 de noviembre y 2 de diciembre, el bar de Ferme Saint Siméon da la bienvenida al grupo Uptown Jazz Trio.

Este combo de jazz de alto nivel normando interpreta brillantemente el repertorio de Eric Satie en torno al tema "Jazz y Satie, a la hora del té".

Siéntese cómodamente en el salón frente al estuario del Sena, mecido por la música ambiente y bebiendo uno de nuestros fabulosos cócteles. Nuestros huéspedes podrán disfrutar de toda la magia del lugar.

Abierto a la clientela exterior.

Informaciones : +33 2 31 81 78 00 o

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Thank you

La Ferme Saint Siméon is very proud to annonced that it has been recognized as winner in the Romance category for the 2018 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice® awards for Hotels. We also just received the Certificate of Excellence.

Thank you very much to our guests and our team.

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New herbs garden

Since June, our Chef has herbs to hand in his own garden, to enhance his dishes with delicious, rare and traditional aromas. For your pleasure, he has tracked down some unusual or long-forgotten herbs such as garlic mustard, woodruff, sea orach, large-flowered calamint, dragon's head, day lily and Nama sage. The garden, with some 50 species, is just beside the thatch-roofed Chaumière.

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Sébastien Faramond - Trophée Espoir du Gault et Millau tour

Le 25 Septembre dernier, notre Chef Sébastien Faramond a reçu le Trophée Espoir lors du Gault & Millau tour qui s'est tenu au Grand Hôtel de Dinard. Félicitations à lui et ses équipes !

Le Gault & Millau Tour, qu'est-ce que c'est ?

Chaque année, six régions françaises sont mises à l’honneur. L’objectif de ce tour est de récompenser les chefs les plus talentueux de leur région, de mettre en avant leurs établissements en valorisant leur cuisine (Gault&Millau d’Or, Grands de Demain, Jeunes Talents, Espoirs, Innovation, Pâtissier, Terroir d’exception), le service (Sommelier, Accueil en salle et Jeune Talent service en salle), et le savoir-faire (Tradition d'aujourd’hui et Transmission).

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A stagecoach ride through the Pays d'Auge

Come and discover the true heart of the Pays d'Auge, its traditions, cider production and green pastures !

Enjoy a full day, wandering through the countryside, gently rocking to the rhythm of the carriage pulled by two beautiful Percheron horses and driven by the ever passionate Monsieur Farrain.

This carefully selected tour meanders through the Pays d'Auge, revealing some stunning vistas. Half way through the tour, the Domaine Dupont will be delighted to show you their orchard and press house as well as their distillery. While you are there, why not take the time to enjoy some of their products such as cider and aged Calvados with a side of local meats and cheeses which will take you back to the olden days of Normandy for a truly timeless experience.

The day will end in the village of Beuvron-en-Auge where you will no doubt fall in love with its picturesque charm. Enjoy a relaxing moment as you walk through the village streets, peering into the little boutiques along the way.

For additional information and reservations, please contact our Concierge, Xavier Parent at:

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