"Food for change" festival

Chef Matthieu Pouleur and his team care to promote seasonal, ethical, local and committed cuisine,
with the goal of fighting against global warming and protecting biodiversity around the world.

This commitment is to be discover on Saturday October 3rd for dinner,
with the menu especially created as part of the “Food for Change” festival.

Special menu - 140 euros

Lenoir-Thomas organic oyster from the Chausey islands
Mackerel from our Normandy coasts
Sea scallops from Morjolène, a little fishing boat of Honfleur
Guinea Fowl from Galobio Farm
Pont l'Evêque cheese of the Moissonnière farm
Maison Drouin’s Calvados
Apples of our gardens

Set menu served for dinner on 10/03/2020 - excluding drinks.
Net prices, taxes and service included.

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Thank you for your reviews

"Traveler's Choice Best of the Best" est la plus haute distinction de Tripadvisor. Chaque année, elle est remise aux hôtels qui obtiennent d'excellents avis et qui se classent parmi le meilleur 1 % des établissements dans le monde entier.

Une belle récompense que devons à nos clients mais elle est aussi le fruit d'un travail accompli consciencieusement chaque jour par nos collaborateurs.

Merci à tous.

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In "L'Instant Culture" program, LCI French TV channel highlighted the route of the Impressionists. Cradle of this art movement, La Ferme Saint Siméon naturally integrated this beautiful report, with Giverny and Claude Monet.

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